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coffee with strainer

Coffee With Strainer

This is another of the easiest ways to make coffee. To carry it out, it is important that the strainer is fine because that way you make sure that the coffee remains are trapped in it. The most suitable is the one used for tea.
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  • 7 grams ground coffee
  • 100 ml Water



  • It grinds the coffee with a fine coarseness since the extraction process is fast and no pressure is exerted on it.
  • Tip: to achieve a perfect result, it is interesting to have a good coffee grinder that ensures a  homogeneous and fine grind, suitable for this type of preparation.
  • While you heat the water add 1 or 2 tablespoons of coffee to the cup (7 or 14 grams). When the water is already hot, pour the hot water directly over the coffee. No filter is needed.
  • Let it rest for about 3 minutes, stir and let it rest for another 3 minutes.
  • Take note: the longer the coffee is steeped, the higher the concentration of flavor and aroma.
  • Finally, place the strainer over the cup and pour in the coffee. The coffee grounds should stay in the strainer and should not get into your cup.
  • Ready! you can drink your coffee now.