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filter coffee

Filter Coffee

Using a coffee filter is another of the most traditional and used alternative methods. It is a homemade infusion, where the aroma and flavor depend on the time the filter is left in the water, therefore, the longer the time, the higher the concentration.
Course Drinks



  • 14 grams ground coffee
  • 100-150 ml Water



  • Grind the right amount of coffee instantly with a medium grind, that is, coarser than if it were for Italian, and less coarse than what you would use for a French press coffee. Reserve it.
  • On one side, heat the water until it boils. Meanwhile, place the ground coffee inside a filter and tie it well with a string (as if it were a tea bag, but with coffee).
  • Note: if you want to prepare several coffees, you must create as many coffee bags as the cups you want to prepare.
  • Then put the coffee bag inside the cup and pour the hot water over it until it is full. Let the coffee steep for 3-4 minutes (no stirring necessary).
  • TIP: if you like a stronger flavor, wait 4 or 5 minutes. On the other hand, for a softer coffee, you will only have to let it rest between 2 – 3 minutes.
  • Finally, remove the filter and you can take it.